Denis & Allie are two traveling creatives,
passionate about sharing their love for
adventure, sailing, and art.

About Denis Dowling

Movement Sailing

A true mariner at heart, Denis started his sailing career as a small boy aboard his parents 24' Buccaneer.  His first word was likely arrrgh or rum.  He felt at peace on the sea, intrigued by its power, and yearning for more. Denis' pursuit for a life of freedom and adventure led him to travel the world.  He's sailed the Pacific coast of Central America, through the Panama Canal, danced between the Leeward and Windward Islands of the Caribbean, crossed the Atlantic (eight times), is versed with the personality of the Mediterranean, passed the Baltic Sea, North Sea, and Bay of Biscay. 

 He has swum with turtles in the Tobago Cays; Restored ancient wooden vessels, and built new ones; climbed the peaks of Zagorochoria hidden deep in the mainland of Greece; ran rivers of the western United States; sailed for and against ten meter waves; said goodnight to many a sunset over the horizon; and accrued over 100,000 nautical miles.

About Allie Medeiros

Allie Movement Sailing

A native Aquidneck islander, Allie grew up amidst the hardy seafaring folk of New England.  She always admired the transient lifestyle of a sailor, but aside from friendly summer dinghy races, her wanderlust was usually tended to ashore.  Then, one chilly October Day, she spied the happiest little boat that ever plied the waters of the Narragansett Bay.  The Carriacou Sloop, Summer Wind, was calling to her and Allie answered whole-heartedly. 

For four years, Allie sailed Summer Wind from Boston to the Bahamas and back again, ever perfecting her knowledge of traditional sailing and seamanship. Whether her hand be to the helm or the sandpaper, Allie enjoys every aspect of her work as a sailor.  Over the past five years, the craft has given her the opportunity to spend time in a dozen countries and sail the waters of three seas and two oceans. Ever ready to throw off the dock lines, Allie's warm smile and adventurous spirit make her a most felicitous member of the crew.