Pursuing art, music, and consciousness through the ancient traditions of sailing.


Not so long ago, sailing ships were the lifeblood of exploration, commerce, transportation, and even war. Regardless of their purpose, a common theme arose. Traveling incessantly for months at a time, the sailors on board gradually found creative means to pass their time.  This gave rise to varied art-forms; Music of the sea, scrimshaw images of the briny deep, wood carvings, and marlinspike work, all were perfected over centuries at sea.  

Today, these arts are being lost. Most sailing vessels are now status symbols, a holiday exploit, or some vague dream of freedom that will never be fulfilled.  Few tenants of which, would ever waste a breath on the dwindling flames of the sailor's arts.

There are some of us however, who are connected to the passions of our sailing ancestors.  We few, who see beyond the plastic vessels and price tags of luxury, using the old ways to live an examined life. This is the esscence of Movement Sailing; Breathing creativity and consciousness through the timeless imagery of our dearest mother, the Sea.


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Our Mission:

Movement Sailing's mission is to maintain the traditions of seafaring, sailor's arts, and boat building, As well as to promote sustainable ocean travel and conservation.  We believe in a sustainable world and that our past holds the key to our future.  Our goal is to inspire, motivate, and raise awareness of these traditions by breathing new life into ancient ways.


Little Schooner Studios is a collection of photography from our travels exploring land, sea, stars, & beyond.

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Ship's Log

Follow along for original stories of adventure on the high seas & in far-away lands!

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